Forming punches

Punches are useful tools for head forming of tubes in a wide variety of applications. Blanking, drawing, extrusion and drilling require the use of extremely specific mechanical parts.
The features of punches for tube forming make it possible to create any type of shape on the ends of the tube. The most varied shapes can be achieved, including for example: gauging, countersinking, folding, OR seats. It goes without saying that any type of deformation required can be suitable for many fields of application, from automotive to refrigeration and heating or even the aeronautical sector.
During the design of the various parts, not only the dimensions for the construction of the required profiles are defined, but also the type of steel to be used for the punch itself. This is done in order to provide the customer with a product that not only guarantees successful production but also a durability that will stand the test of time.


Reducing production time

In the case of particularly tough materials to be formed, punches can be manufactured with dedicated coatings in order to reduce wear and tear and to reduce the production time of the workpieces to be manufactured by the customer. Each type of punch is designed so that it can be mounted on any machine and only after testing which is carried out with dedicated machines so that punches can be delivered to the customer ready for use.


Different production sectors

The use of forming punches is typical in various productive sectors, even complex ones, ranging from automotive, refrigeration and heating to the aeronautical sector.

Highly varied ends and shapes

In the definition of punches, it is possible to realize the most disparate shapes along with calibrations, countersinks, or OR seats, thus meeting even the most demanding need.

Custom design

Each punch we produce is carefully designed to achieve optimum assembly on any type of machine, offering the right support at the right time.


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