Clamping jaws

Clamping jaws are widely used for the correct execution of the operations to be carried out. They are designed to keep the tube tightly secured for a correct execution of the processing in question.

We specialize in the design and bespoke manufacture of straight, shape-sized jaws, with moving insertsand special ones designed and manufactured according to customers’ needs.

High levels of precision

The adoption of mechanical clamping jaws contributes to the achievement of high precision machining operations, whatever they may be, facilitating the clamping of the piece being machined.

Our clamping systems are manufactured with certified materials and in complete conformity to the machining operations to be performed.

Guaranteed tightness

The application of clamping jaws guarantees a higher degree of stability with a consequent increase in machining precision. By using these special clamping systems, the workpiece can be clamped extremely firmly and at the same time easily thanks to the integrated adjustment mechanisms.

Modular and integral

Clamping jaws can be modular or integral: in the first case, several elements can be combined, achieving extreme levels of versatility; in the second case, the clamping system consists of a single clamping block. In both cases, we produce clamping jaws to measure and in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Different processes

Clamping jaws, whether integral or modular, can be used on different types of machinery and support different types of machining. In fact, each machinery requires a precise clamping system capable of ensuring the appropriate level of stability and safety for the correct execution of any type of machining. Contact us to learn more.


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